Charms and Legends

legends600sqCharms and legends often give us comfort. We love them too and wanted to create wearable fun designs with some of our favorite legends like Maneki Neko and Moon Rabbit a/k/a The Jade Rabbit.

Some of our favorite legends are Maneki Neko and the Moon Rabbit

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WHO IS Moonrabbit?

Made of the stuff of legends, he is also known as the Jade Rabbit and is found in legends throughout time and all around the world. He is also known as the moon hare and the gold rabbit. You only have to look to the full moon and you will see him.

Moonrabbit, he is legend!

Moonrabbit is often depicted with a mortar and pestel. In the Chinese legend about the 10 suns it is said that he is preparing the elixir of life. In Korea he is said to prepare a glutonus rice flour used to make tteok a sweet rice cake and in Japan he is said to prepare glutinous rice pounded into paste to make mochi. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake.He has inspired countless stories, art and music you can read one of the stories about Moon Rabbit here.

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Maneki Neko a/k/a The Lucky Cat

There are many tales about Maneki Neko and our favorite is of the eldery woman who had a dream –

The old woman’s cat: An old woman, living in Imado in eastern Tokyo, was forced to sell her cat due to extreme poverty. Soon afterwards the cat appeared to her in a dream. The cat told her to make its image in clay. She did as instructed, and soon afterward sold the statue. She then made more, and people bought them as well. These maneki-neko were so popular she soon became prosperous and wealthy.

We’ll be sharing more stories and images soon. In the meantime, here is a peek at some of our Maneki Neko on the go bags and cosmetic pouches –

maneki-nekos-army-bagManeki Neko's Army cosmetic bags by yoyoroManeki Nekos Army Small Printed Bag by yoyoro