Mo’ Mongrels

Our love of the dog extends beyond personal experience that’s why we make bags and sachets and dog Ts for you and your dog because we love the fur creature called the dog! We want to introduce non-dog people and seasoned dog lovers to the joyful being that we call dog and promote dog resuce and adoption too.

Our love of the dog extends beyond personal experience

featured-mo-mongrels-COLLECTION-2Because we love the dog sooooo much, we donate one euro from every product in the Mo’Mongrels collection to help organizations that help the homeless dogs in Cluj-Napoca. There are a few different organizations and individuals who rescue the dogs. The street dogs are mostly mutts but some purebred dogs are abandoned as well. Super smart and loving they are and they need homes and medical care too. Whilst many people look after them bringing them leftover food and fresh water, it is a hard life for them. Street dogs in Romania are known as ‘[ciini] vagabonzi,’ so in honor of these beautiful souls we want to support adoption and rescue efforts and you can too.

Stay tuned for images of our designs – coming soon.