Our Pima Cotton Women’s T-Shirts

We love our soft, durable Peruvian Pima Cotton t shirts

Women's Pima Cotton T yoyoroOur women’s crew neck T’s are currently ready for printing. Made from sumptuous Peruvian Pima cotton. The luxuriant shirts are of the highest quality. So just what is Peruvian Pima Cotton? Pima cotton, also called extra long staple (ELS), is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, the southwestern United States and Australia. Pima cotton fibers can be more than double the length of standard cottons, a fact that gives Pima cotton some distinct and desirable qualities. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent.

This type of cotton is named after the Pima, a group of American Indians who first cultivated the plant in the U.S., but the cotton’s origins are its cultivation in Peru. The name Peruvian Pima cotton distinguishes varieties of Gossypium barbadense produced in Peru from other types, such as American Pima.

Pima Cottn (Gyossypium Barbadense))
Gyossypium Barbadense, Photo Credit: Brian Gratwicke
In Peru cotton products from Gossypium barbadense such as yarn, cordage and fishing nets date back to about 2500 BC.

One of the advantages of pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric. Marketers of this cotton claim that their products can last as much as 50 percent longer than fabrics made from other forms of cotton.

According to a U.S. International Trade Commission report called Textiles and Apparel: Assessment of the Competitiveness of Certain Foreign Suppliers to the U.S. Market stated that –

“Peru’s pima cotton reportedly rivals high-quality Egyptian cotton and is renowned for not only being the longest-staple cotton in the world, but also for its softness that, according to some U.S. apparel producers, ‘rivals silk.'”

A strong durable yet, luxuriantly soft cotton that is made to last is just what we wanted here at yoyoro to give our customers years of wear. Hence, our 100% Pima Cotton Women’s T-Shirts are made from Pima 40/1 Jersey. What that means essentially is that a finer thread is used. Some cotton jersey material measures 20/1 or 30/1.

Bigger is better!

The 40/1 is a measure and it means that it takes 40 spools of this type of cotton thread to weigh one pound. A standard spool of single-ply cotton thread is comprised of 840 yards of cotton thread. The higher the number equates to a finer thread, which really means that it is a finer softer fabric than a lower count.

Pima Cotton T Shirt – Made in Peru
Handprinted in Romania

If you want to learn more about pima cotton check out our references page.

Women’s Pima Cotton T Shirt SPECS

If you are unsure about sizing, check these measurements in inches below:

S 23
M 24
L 25
XL 26
CHEST FLAT MEASUREMENT (1″ below armhole)
S 14.5
M 15.5
L 16.5
XL 17.5