Supernatural: Saint Martha and the Dragon

Saint Martha and the Dragon - yoyoro

Celebrating Saint Martha and the Tarasque

The basis of our print is an image of Saint Martha with the dragon from a medieval illuminated manuscript. Once tucked away in libraries, we now all have the ability to see these beautiful images. We were inspired by the story of Saint Martha to create items with this image and because we want everyone to see the beauty of medieval manuscripts too! Want to learn more about Saint Martha and the dragon? keep reading…

The Follwing excerpt is by author James Duvalier and is from his article about Saint Martha on

“According to biblical tradition, Saint Martha was the sister of Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Lazarus, whom Christ raised from the dead. In one story from the gospel of Luke, Martha receives Jesus into her home and serves him food while he preaches to her sister Mary who sits at his feet. After the crucifixion, according to medieval legend, Martha, Mary and Lazarus travel to the south of France where they preach the Gospel and help spread Jesus’s message of peace and love. She was also recorded as having rebuked and tamed a dragon-like monster called the Tarasque by sprinkling holy water on it and invoking the name of God. I personally love Saint Martha because her example shows us that we can receive greatness by doing simple things as long as they are done with love and faith.”

Product Line:


T’s and Tanks can either be “simple” or “embellished.” The bags shown are “simple”, our embellished T’s and Tanks can have additional spirals, dots, flowers or blocks of dye. Every shirt is hand-printed that means no 2 are exactly alike. We print our designs on 100% cotton t-shirts. We are moving to make our line 100% organic, however at this time we are completing our printing on current stock that is not organic, however they are 100% natural cotton fibers. You can read more about our cotton t-shirts here. Our yoga pants contain lycra as well.

€42 MSRP Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirts
€48 MSRP V-Neck Short Sleeve T-shirts
€38 MSRP Tank tops
€42 MSRP Yoga pants White with print on leg Made to Order, 4 week delivery time


Each design is handprinted, no 2 bags will ever be identical. Sewn professionally, most bags are constructed with 100% natural fibers (cotton and/or cotton & linen) Some of the bags are lined with an ‘un’ natural fiber. Sizes vary slightly. We also sometimes use upcycled table linens and other home linens to create our bags and pillow covers.

€33 MSRP Purses/Bags
€20 MSRP Cosmetic bags TBD
€9 MSRP Lavender sachets
€18 MSRP Herbal eye pillows


Made to order 4 week delivery time.
€77 MSRP 40x40cm Throw Pillow Covers with insert
€68 MSRP 40x40cm Throw Pillow Covers cover only
€62 MSRP 30x30cm Throw Pillow Covers with insert
€53 MSRP 30x30cm Throw Pillow Covers cover only

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